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Salvador and Alex Muhangi Beef Again
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Salvador and Alex Muhangi Beef Again

2018-05-16 / 1526461878

The beef was later called off with a reunion show at 400 bar and restaurant in December last year.

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Last year, there was a cat fight between comedians, Idringi Salvador and Alex Muhangi. 

It all started when Alex  Muhangi got kicked out of Bukoto based Dinners Lounge, where he used to hold his weekly comedy show. The same venue management later hired Salvador’s kid brother known as Toma to run the place, which didn’t go well with Alex, who accused them of betraying him.

He went on social media, blocked Salvador and accompanied it with a long Facebook post branding his former allies 'mafias'.

The beef was later called off with a reunion show at 400 bar and restaurant in December last year.

Since then, the two have been sighted together, and last week, Salvador performed at Comedy store at UMA show grounds, where Alex hosts his weekly comedy .

Our reliable sources within Salvador's camp have intimated us that he has vowed  never to work with Alex ever again following a Facebook post he made on Sunday after the premiere of a comedy show, “The Comic” on NBS,  hosted and pioneered by Salvador.  It is aimed at looking for the next big local comedian.

“The Comic & NBS,This is what am thinking..Get that Car,give it to Mc Mariachi and we call it a day.Bino Mutukoyeza Bwerere," Alex posted.

Salvador  believes this is a total diss and a huge character assassination aimed at killing a successful project he has dreamed of all his life .

“He actually regrets performing at UMA last week, he is bitter with Alex because he is also a product of a talent search. Why would he  downplay his hustle yet he is a stakeholder in the comedy industry,” a source wondered.

Close friends say Alex is a 'baby' in an adult skin.

He is too emotional and rarely separates business from his feelings.

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