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Exclusive: Fik Fameica Could Be Sent To Jail
By: Howwe
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Exclusive: Fik Fameica Could Be Sent To Jail

2018-05-19 / 1526714526

Fast-rising and dancehall singer Shafik Walukaga alias Fik Fameica could head to jail anytime soon.

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Fast-rising and dancehall singer Shafik Walukaga alias Fik Fameica could head to jail anytime soon.

News reaching the Howwe desk indicates that the singer might face it rough in court after failing to perform at the recently held Ice Cream and Cake Festival that was organized at Uganda Museum after disappearing with a deposit of UGX 1 Million.

Our snoops have learnt that the Ice Cream and Cake Festival was supposed to be closed up by Fameica's performance but he rather came very late at the venue after everyone had left thereby failure to perform as agreed prompting  the organisers to ask for a  pay back the UGX 1Million deposit he was given but instead just asked for his balance something that was not well digested by the organisers then Fameica allegedly refused to pay the Shs1m and instead drove off to Entebbe where he was supposed to perform at the Club DJ Awards.

However, Howwe has learnt that in a bid to reclaim their hard earned cash, the organisers of the cake festival have filed a court case against the singer.

It is clear that this is not the first time Fik Fameica has landed in hot soup as he was arrested in Jinja a few weeks ago for the same case.

We shall keep you posted.

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Posted by mwani samuel / 162.158.106.xxx /
singers almost gab people's just like dat.
Replied by Ruth / 108.162.245.xxx /
it is,just as u said.
Posted by Oshady styler / 141.101.77.xxx /
We like ur styles so papa pay back da money
Posted by Viola / 162.158.107.xxx /
Fik Zzina Scotto Ne Mubuliri Bt Stop Dat Habit Mwana
Posted by SSEMBATYA ASUMANI / 108.162.246.xxx /
Posted by TOPBOY JOV. / 162.158.146.xxx /
Replied by Kyanika Frank / 108.162.246.xxx /
I Like To Sing With U
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Posted by Mosesco / 162.158.146.xxx /
Wy dnt u tek dat 1m and gve bck dea mny
lyk my woman iz my property
Posted by Bob-k Magumba / 162.158.146.xxx /
Let Him Payback 1m To Aviod That Becz We Love His Songs As Fameica
Posted by Dj Emrex / 162.158.146.xxx /
Jst Kul Bro N Give Dem Dea Money Fik
Replied by Dj Rava Artman Nick / 162.158.146.xxx /
dats all
Posted by Isaac pro / 162.158.146.xxx /
Why do u copy songs famaika
Replied by FRANK LEE / 108.162.246.xxx /
Nice Job : Kikube Bwatyo
Posted by Rayz / 162.158.146.xxx /
Wat???? Banaga dis z shit 2 him
Posted by Joel ritzy / 162.158.146.xxx /
Posted by Gk / 162.158.146.xxx /
Its always better late than never.. M nah ur fun buh i lyk d way u respond to freeks lyk fefe. Silence is gold. We normally communicate on fb. May Allah bless u
Posted by colleb / 162.158.146.xxx /
sorry my artist
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.146.xxx /
bambe sory our lovly bro fameica
Posted by Carl newton / 162.158.202.xxx /
Thats real hell
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.146.xxx /
man dats total shit against Fik
Replied by eddy 2 / 162.158.146.xxx /
That guy is lyk that
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