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Fille Parades Succulent Thighs
By: Howwe
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Fille Parades Succulent Thighs

2018-08-15 / 1534335972

This has come a day after Fille released her latest single "Ozina Bulungi".

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Fresh from the European music tour, singer Fille Mutoni has decided to show off her jaw-dropping figure on social media. 

Leaning on the table, she showcased her fabulous curves in a stunning playsuit.

The photo has left most of her male fans experiencing scrotal eruptions. Some are feeling envious of Mc Kats for feeding like a Dubai Sheikh.

One fan commented, "Fille is from another planet. I cannot believe what I am seeing. Mc Kats eats like a Dubai Sheikh. I wish i can view her in private."

This has come a day after Fille released her latest single "Ozina Bulungi".

A source says it's a dedication to her baby daddy, Mc Kats.

As the title of the song suggests, Mc Kats must be a tiger in their bedroom.

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Posted by Emmie Elai kyoga / 173.245.54.xxx /
Hee.. lakine wewe yiko muzuri sana ata na mimi anasanga.
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.245.xxx /
Bakuyiwako amazzi ne nga nwya.
Posted by munaba yusuf / 108.162.245.xxx /
Posted by mr_safe! / 162.158.106.xxx /
this is why some people lose their goodies to someone else...."thoz succulentz are meant 4 mc kats alone"
Posted by Doya Collin / 108.162.245.xxx /
Replied by Doya Collin / 162.158.106.xxx /
Doya Collin
Posted by Marvin / 108.162.246.xxx /
It was just fuk

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