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Bobi Wine Could Face Death Sentence
By: Gee Mukama
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Bobi Wine Could Face Death Sentence

2018-08-15 / 1534353014

Another charge put on him was malicious damage to the motor vehicle belonging to the convoy of the President.

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Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi (aka Bobi Wine) who is in a Miltary Police cell in Gulu could face life imprisonment or the death sentence if the obtained information is something to go by.

Snoops can reveal that Bobi Wine was Wednesday 15th 2018 charged with treason following unlawful possession of firearms — which is a capital offence punishable by the death sentence or life imprisonment.

Another charge put on him was malicious damage to the motor vehicle belonging to the convoy of the President.

What does the law say?

The offence of treason is set out in Article 23 of the Penal Code Act of Uganda, Chapter 120 of the Laws of Uganda, introduced in Uganda by British Colonialists in 1950. The text reads as follows:

“23. Treason and offences against the State.

(1) Any person who— levies war against the Republic of Uganda;

unlawfully causes or attempts to cause the death of the President or, with intent to maim or disfigure or disable, unlawfully wounds or does any harm to the person of the President, or aims at the person of the President any gun, offensive weapon, pistol or any description of firearm, whether it contains any explosive or destructive substance or not; contrives any plot, act or matter and expresses or declares such plot, act or matter by any utterance or by any overt act in order, by force of arms, to overturn the Government as by law established; aids or abets another person in the commission of the foregoing acts, or becomes an accessory before or after the fact to any of the foregoing acts or conceals any of those acts, commits an offence and shall suffer death.

(2) Any person who forms an intention to effect any of the following purposes—

to compel by force or constrain the Government as by law established to change its measures or counsels or to intimidate or overawe Parliament; or to instigate any person to invade the Republic of Uganda with an armed force, and manifests any such intention by an overt act or by any utterance or by publishing any printing or writing, commits an offence and shall suffer death.

(3) Any person who advisedly attempts to effect any of the following purposes— to incite any person to commit an act of mutiny or any treacherous or mutinous act; or to incite any such person to make or endeavour to make a mutinous assembly, commits an offence and is liable to suffer death.

(4) Any person who advisedly attempts to seduce any person serving in the armed forces or any member of the police force or prison services or any other security service, by whatever name called, from his or her duty and allegiance to the Constitution commits an offence and is liable to suffer death.”

Meanwhile, Police spokesperson of north-western region, Josephine Angucia says;

Arua Police recovered two submachine guns and a pistol from Bobi Wine and Wadri.

The two submachine guns were found in a room at Pacific Hotel where the legislature was living.

One had 16 rounds of ammunition and the other 19. Police also recovered 46 white tablets suspected to be drugs.

Altogether, 75 rounds of ammunition were recovered. The pistol was found in Wadri's possession.

Other items found were three Ugandan flags, six red T-shirts, 10 smart phones, a GPR machine, a red jacket and red bags.

In Parliament today;

First Deputy Prime Minister, Moses Ali: "Bobi Wine was found with a gun and will appear before Miltary Court Martial tomorrow"

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Posted by Ben Tibita / 162.158.106.xxx /
Even Bobi Wine Is A Human Being So Let President Museven Forgive Him God Will Reward President Mu7.The Bible Says That Forgive Those Who Sins, So Let H.E Forgive Bobi Wine Bcz He's Fighting For Freedom.
Posted by Ben Tibita / 108.162.246.xxx /
Please His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Mu7 Forgive Hon.Bobi Wine God Will Reward You And He Will Forgive You, Because Bobi Is Still Young In Age But Am Requesting You In All Requests That Forgive Him His Excellence.
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.246.xxx /
Plz His Excellency forgive him and the Almight God will reward you the best.
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.106.xxx /
comment for what
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.245.xxx /
any one who has ever read the play "Betrayal In The City" by Francis Imbuga, relate it with ugandan situation now
Posted by AK-16 / 162.158.106.xxx /
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.106.xxx /
Stupid and great liars.(militaries)
Posted by Mu Stoye / 162.158.106.xxx /
May God Bi Yo Soljah Bobi
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.246.xxx /
it's not right to pose false evidence in order to incriminate some one and that's what the police of Uganda is doing, banange mugezeko okulwanirira edembe lyo muna_Uganda
Posted by Girrax / 108.162.246.xxx /
Every hard situations bobi is going through wil be rewarded
Replied by Muleka musungule / 173.245.52.xxx /
Am a kenyan by birth bt nationally by bobi no bobi no freedom kyadondo muli ku mawanga free robert from thiz communist leaders
Posted by phantomiko / 108.162.246.xxx /
Every soul has to test death.Allah perished away strong charismatic leaders who way far better than him
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.63.xxx /
by de way guys doz evidence were clear to present evry ting positive t de public ad dere for president convoy was also disrupted by wadri's funs plus bobiwine too ad doz tings happened wen de black mambas sarounded pacific ad decided t check everything n DAT hotel ad customer's were sent away
Replied by Anonymous / 162.158.106.xxx /
Did you just say clear evidence? Stop kidding me!
Posted by Jaxx / 108.162.246.xxx /
M7 evry thng u do wre watchng u en if u he wants 2 end ths year while in state house let him 4gt our president twamukowa da
Posted by Mcmanamana / 162.158.106.xxx /
Thts is wat they can say becoz museveni hates the guy.so they hv to say like tht becoz the guy has become a problem to mzee
Posted by EMMA / 108.162.245.xxx /
Posted by Teekay Dulex / 108.162.246.xxx /
These were all Museveni's plans plus his son let me say the whole NRM party. They hated Bobi wine from the start.Where did Bobi get the guns from????This thing was planned.Museveni is a coward very old and has ruled Uganda for over 35 consecutive years and Ugandans are doing nothing about it not even reacting.UGANDANS SHOULD STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM BECAUSE MUSEVENI US KILLING US LIKE ANIMALS PRETENDING TO PRACTICE DEMOCRACY BUT DICTATORSHIP.....
Replied by Unziku Alex / 162.158.106.xxx /
Ask yourself
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.246.xxx /
oh,sorry for bobi..
Replied by X king / 108.162.246.xxx /
I am a student.
Posted by Kasimbazi Samuel / 108.162.246.xxx /
.uganda could also be heading to revolution like that which happened in france europe as whole in 1790s if bobe wine is killed.
Posted by JBP / 172.68.94.xxx /
Lies. More M7 lies. Ask not for whom the bell tolls YKM..........it tolls for thee. You´ll be leaving State House in the next 3 years.
Posted by kafuumisi*** / 162.158.106.xxx /
Uganda zaabu
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