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Ugandans Troll Bebe Cool On Social media Over Bobi Wine’s Situation
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Ugandans Troll Bebe Cool On Social media Over Bobi Wine’s Situation

2018-08-17 / 1534490847

Artistes like Chameleone, Hilderman, and Chris Evans among others have come out to beg the President to pardon Bobi Wine.

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Ugandans on social media are angry and upset with singer Bebe Cool over failing to speak put on Bobi Wine's arrest that has dominated the news.

Bobi Wine was arrested and detained in Arua on Monday before being beaten to the pulp. He also lost his driver, Yasin Kawuma, who was shot dead inside Bobi Wine's Tindra vehicle near Hotel Pacific. Many of Bobi Wine's comrades, family and celebrities have come out to show their sympathy and support via social media platforms. 

Artistes like Chameleone, Hilderman, and Chris Evans among others have come out to beg the President to pardon Bobi Wine.

However, Bebe Cool has maintained his silence over the matter and Ugandans are demanding for his opinion on the matter that has infuriated many. 

 “Zuena and Bebe Cool are so silent about Bobi Wine's arrest. Bafumba kaki ne Museveni( literally meaning, what's Bebe Cool and Zuena cooking with M7)?” many fans seem to be wondering.

Bebe Cool and Museveni are very tight friends and this  was confirmed  recently when he attended his Golden Heart concert at Kololo Airstrip. However, what we are not sure of is if Bebe Cool can condemn the acts on either side. 

What do you think?

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Posted by Moses kauki / 108.162.245.xxx /
Bebe is aware that bobi is nolonger his size envious
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.106.xxx /
Maybe he thinks"everyone for himself God for us all".this politics is beyond
Posted by Kakooza Josephine / 108.162.246.xxx /
Bebe says silence is gold,so i als support him for being silent coz evenif he posts something people will judge kati asirise asinga naye all in all bambi we need our Bobi anti people p,,,,,,,, free Bobi Wine
Posted by Ronald Kaka Atwooki / 197.234.242.xxx /
Bebe cool is just wondering on how a young man can snake Uganda. In other words how Bibi wine is loved.
Posted by Tuhabwe Dickson, manager / 108.162.246.xxx /
may the God Lord hear our cries and he lift up our prayers onto his hand so as Bobi can be save and the whole nation can be liberated as well. For Jesus' seek! Amen
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.246.xxx /
may the God Lord lift our prayers and save Bobi.
Posted by Mustapher musax / 108.162.246.xxx /
I know everything could be k in Gods mecry
Posted by mugabi Erisa / 108.162.246.xxx /
let us join hands this situation will corrpt
let them leave apart our president to be
Big up to all bobi fans.
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.246.xxx /
Why do u want Bebecool to talk about it coz even chameleon who wrote aletter to the president many politician comfroted him soo this is not a music problem and being that Bebecool is not a politician let him not comment on Bobi's situation
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.246.xxx /
he is picking the broken glasses in arua for his car
Posted by Bangyiranah Davis Pro / 162.158.62.xxx /
Bebe Cool mbwa ya kukyalo yenyini
Replied by Ronald Kaka Atwoki / 197.234.242.xxx /
Cool down.kakana
Replied by Ronald Kaka Atwoki / 197.234.242.xxx /
Cool down.kakana
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.106.xxx /
His abig big ass ''Bebe cool''
Posted by #cent / 162.158.106.xxx /
Bwoba otya emiikila okukona ko tewetaba mumazzina genkima. Dat's politixxx mwattu it's aka game.
Posted by Cent / 108.162.246.xxx /
Ani yani? Obanga efumbilo omuka mungi tosoboola lifulume olilekele abaafumbi. Buuuummmmmmmmm.... Owamanyi ge tayomba kyovva olabba BEBE COOL tawakana.
Posted by Omubanda / 108.162.246.xxx /
Bebe ne museven bamukwano nnyo naye H.E.Bobi Wine abasinga amagezi ela kino kyebakoze kilaga butitizi
Posted by Yusuf bun uthman kayima / 162.158.106.xxx /
I think he cannot
Posted by Scan / 108.162.219.xxx /
I love Bobi Wine and what he's standing for but we r being Hypocritical now because No one came out to Advise Bobi Wine when he made Threats towards the President
Posted by Anonymous / 108.162.245.xxx /
He Should Comment Since Bebe Had Big Hate 4 Him
Posted by devin kats / 162.158.106.xxx /
the cakes of his wife make him stupid evry day.But let hm nt 4get that even Kayihura was Museveni's most beloved bt wea is he so Bebe watch out coz da tears Barbie and the kids are crying,will once be cried by Zuena and yo football team anti u produse lyk rabbits 2 hopless a man
Replied by M.T.M / 108.162.246.xxx /
Muve ku muzeyi ne bebe. Musirise ebinyoooo bye mutasenyaaa. Bobi okomye akamanyiroooo. Amanye wakoma.
Replied by Omubanda / 108.162.245.xxx /
Replied by Omubanda / 108.162.246.xxx /
Posted by dan / 162.158.106.xxx /
bebe z jst a spoilt kid who wants pipo 2 beg him that z all he wants, its no use, coz he will boast about it where ever he goz,
Replied by J j / 108.162.246.xxx /
Kwe nawe oli kisilu
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