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"I Can't Maintain My New Mercedez Benz" - Gravity Omutujju

2018-10-05 / 1538728860

However, the singer has come out to cry about the high maintenance costs for the German car.

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Rapper Gravity Omutujju recently acquired a white Ml Mercedes Benz which he claims was donated to him by a diehard fan .

However, the singer has come out to cry about the high maintenance costs for the German car.

"Yesterday, I put fuel of 50k and drove on on Salaama road and before  I could turn on another road,the red light was blinking. This is to much for me," he narrated.

Gravity Omutujju also drives a Prado that is in bad shape.

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Kima nazino nga zali nyingi
Posted by empra shaban / 162.158.78.xxx /
gravity don't say like that
you gat monie aaaaaaa don't again say dat
u can sell it
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Posted by dexter wavamuno / 197.234.242.xxx /
gravity okitegedde batter trade
Posted by Anonymous / 197.234.242.xxx /
gravity ,sell it if not we make a batter trade, kuwe Harrier kawundo u add me sme little money
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.78.xxx /
Let him look for that embuuzi which remove rope
Posted by Narure grace / 162.158.79.xxx /
Gravity which song
Posted by NASHANHERIC DENOMATIC / 162.158.79.xxx /
Hey u sell it
Posted by YOUNG B 32(NUTTY BOWY) / 162.158.78.xxx /
tht z Uganda

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