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B2C Boys Fire Andy Events
By: Howwe
Rating — HOT

B2C Boys Fire Andy Events

2018-11-09 / 1541766107

Andy Events remains tight lipped about the whole saga. We will keep you posted.

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Few days ago, singing trio comprising of Julio, Boby Lash and Mr Lee fired their manager Andy events real names Andrew Mwesigwa.

Our reliable sources within the camp informed us that after their September concert at Freedom city, they disagreed on money sharing.

What infuriated the boys is that they were given only Shs 5m to be shared amongst the three after the show.

When they demanded for a better pay, Andy declared that all shows  were loses as gate collections were bad.

"The boys wanted to build a house after the show but they were surprised when Andy paid them peanuts," a source revealed.

Andy Events remains tight lipped about the whole saga. We will keep you posted.

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Posted by Roukie stylezz / 162.158.78.xxx /
Although he did a wrong thing and he was meant to be fire but before that,let them remember he helped B2C boy to reach the TOP

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