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'I need that Kyarenga money' — says Bobi Wine
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'I need that Kyarenga money' — says Bobi Wine

2018-11-11 / 1541929109

He further states that his family needs the money.

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When Bobi Wine announced his concert, some critics argued that he must stage it for free. They said that his fans are poor and cannot afford 10k.

"If you're fighting the poor, why take away the little they have through a concert," they said.

Bobi has come clean about the matter relaying that, "After what I have gone through, I need the money. Music is my major source of income."

He further states that his family needs the money.

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Posted by Macura Glen Tumwekwatse / 162.158.79.xxx /
Yaa you should be given your money i dont see why are after it anti they told you earlier to rise your concert for free basing on your supporters' poverty.
Posted by Bob.K Bugiri / 162.158.79.xxx /
It's Not Bad 2 Give Our Presedent The Maney Bc'z Music Is His Source Of Income .So Bigup Our Presedent Bobi Wine 2021.--- People Power Our Power-----uganda%uganda%uganda.
Posted by am asuman busolo / 172.69.62.xxx /
bobi weni keep silent
Posted by kayondo h / 172.69.62.xxx /
no problem with that was u need zat money
Posted by Innocent Orsha / 162.158.78.xxx /
Thats true, he needs it
Posted by Anonymous / 172.68.65.xxx /
hahaha...gubbi gwe..all the property u hv give back to people 4 once
Replied by Owor Samuel / 172.69.62.xxx /
Change will change u
Posted by Uganda's Best Political Activist / 172.69.62.xxx /
While Others (Bosiko) Mistake Politics For Business, He (Bobi Wine) Calls It Service So Music Is His Business.

So Ugandans Secure National IDs, Ebisigadde Mubikwase Kyagulanyi Cum 2021

People Power, Our Power
Posted by Pato / 162.158.79.xxx /
Bobi ur areal man, with no fear but with wisdom may God bless u as u give light to the world. I wish u well.
Posted by Som / 172.68.244.xxx /
Как в Автокад сделать, построить сопряжение угла, указать радиус сопряжения и многое другое на на сайте.
Posted by amber rose / 162.158.79.xxx /
people's president,my president our president people power
Posted by Duncan / 162.158.79.xxx /
#our Power
Posted by Kavuma Ronnie / 108.162.212.xxx /
Indeed he really need that money after wat he has gone through
Posted by vix / 162.158.79.xxx /
git 2 know dat bobi uo nolgr going to die afta all de massive destruction and hard life uo hv passed thru de Almighty God z always on yuh side .He z de Man who z going to be on side to mik diz concert wonderful,enjoful and playful .May you live donkey 's life bobi wine
Posted by D / 172.69.135.xxx /
Nothing is for free in this world..if we entered for free how will he get money to do what we tell him to do....at least he made it cheap enough
Posted by Of Arua / 197.234.242.xxx /
Being a musician is his trade,why should he perform for free? Politics is just a service
Replied by vastine / 172.69.62.xxx /
those who a saying dat are satisfied NRM people.so the man z right en even dat money z fair 4 his people en may God bless u Bobi

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