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Postmortem report reveals how Kole Pupil was murdered by Indian Natonals
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Postmortem report reveals how Kole Pupil was murdered by Indian Natonals

2018-11-14 / 1542186592

Police can now confirm that 11 year-old, Dickens Okello, a pupil of Alito Primary School in Kole district was strangled to death, as opposed to a fraudulent postmortem report by some doctor.

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Police can now confirm that 11 year-old, Dickens Okello, a pupil of Alito Primary School in Kole district was strangled to death, as opposed to a fraudulent postmortem report by some doctor.

On Thursday November 8th, Okello died after a long chase by two Asian nationals identified as Vayas Fravey and Madmay Gaga, both cotton traders at Odokomit Ginnery in Lira town.

The deceased’s brother told police that his brother was trapped by barbed wire while running away from the businessmen who were chasing after them in a white double cabin pickup with tinted glasses. 

The boy further narrated that the two men first lured them with biscuits and money, before strangling his brother. 

However, a postmortem report supposedly issued by Dr Francis Olwa, a pathologist attached to Lira Central Police Station indicated that the child had died of a heart attack. It is still unclear why this doctor lied, but the boy’s parents rejected the report and sought a second opinion. 

Conducted jointly by government pathologists Dr Moses Byaruhanga and Dr Sam Kalungi, the second postmortem suggests that the deceased was neither dissected nor examined during the first exercise. Meaning there is no way; Dr. Olwa could have known what killed the boy. Doctors Byaruhanga and Kalungi confirmed that the child over bled in the brain as a result of the separation of two bones on his neck.

After receiving the news of the second report, Dr Olwa distanced himself from the report issued by ASP David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga Regional police spokesperson and denied issuing any report indicating that the deceased died of possible heart attack.

The family however led by Dr Richard Nam, clan head welcomed the second postmortem report arguing that the first one was doctored. 

The Indian Nationals suspected to have killed the boy are still in police custody after their arrest on Friday.

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Posted by Lango poor youth / 162.158.78.xxx /
ugandans are,more than enough to opperate the kind of businesses those murderers are doing.They must leave.
Posted by Carbon Collins / 172.69.62.xxx /
This Is Seriousg,those Indians Should No Longer Do There Business In Uganda
Posted by Anonymous / 141.101.76.xxx /
silly indians. We must do what Amin did, expell them.
Posted by Lango voice / 172.69.55.xxx /
we r tired of chinese,they must leave our region coz we can do w.out them

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