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Eddy Kenzo Explains What ACTUALLY Caused Boat Cruise Accident
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Eddy Kenzo Explains What ACTUALLY Caused Boat Cruise Accident

2018-12-01 / 1543649378

Changing Name From Nalubaale To Lake Victoria Caused The Boat Cruise Accident — Kenzo

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BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo is one of the celebrities that have openly come out to give their opinions about the cause  of the accident that happened on  Lake Victoria on Saturday evening,  claiming more than 30 people.

Eddy Kenzo alleges that the real cause of the accident is because the spirits are not  happy with the way Ugandans accepted to change the local name of the water body  to an English name.

Eddy Kenzo believes that we need to give  L.Victoria its original name, Nalubaale to stop the constant human sacrifices on the lake.

He attributes the accident to the fact that we (Ugandans) have ignored the traditional customs.

Eddy Kenzo has now  partnered with 'Kika' Troupe to work on a music project dubbed "Bakuyita Nalubaale si Victoria" as a way of reminding the concerned parties to rectify the error  if they want to stop the lake from claiming innocent lives. 

"Today I met Kaddu of Kika troupe, we are wondering why it is called lake Victoria!!!!! Not Nalubaale…. the universe is mad we have ignored it’s true identity for along time.. it’s taking our people. And we are doing something in studio right now to clean up the mess. Bakuyita Nalubaale si Victoria," Eddy Kenzo explained.

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(17) Comments Left on This Post

Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.78.xxx /
Mr. man how did U know that???????
Posted by Kisakye lydia / 172.68.65.xxx /
Yea i support u
Posted by Hirya Fahad / 172.68.65.xxx /
It is true
Posted by Oguti bill / 173.245.54.xxx /
Does he own a diploma in super-natural beings
Posted by Sharif hamis / 172.68.65.xxx /
Actually Lake Victoria also had problems even b4 it waz named so
Posted by A'dinyani-Boxxy / 172.68.65.xxx /
unless u are one of the spirits,u can't know what the spirits are after
Posted by A'dinyani-Boxxy / 173.245.54.xxx /
unless u are one of spirits,u can't know the spirits are after
Posted by kelly malix / 172.68.65.xxx /
Hahaha where is Mr.Lubale kam and tell your wife to stop killing our people!!!!
Posted by Baingana Daniel / 197.234.242.xxx /
Kenzo, ekizibu kyo butamanya Luzungu, ssi musango, as long as omuntu ab'ategedde nti ennyanja y'emu, Nalubaale oba Victoria!
Posted by MIRACLE VAN AMOS / 172.69.62.xxx /
Let them the concerned think about it
Posted by Herbert N / 197.234.242.xxx /
True, Ugandans dont want to know the past!.
Replied by Gee / 162.158.79.xxx /
He is fake, has he talked to the spirits
Posted by Sseruwu Richard / 141.101.77.xxx /
Replied by Wilbert van Amos / 172.68.65.xxx /
Only God the creator gives and takes.
Posted by Anonymous / 172.69.62.xxx /
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.79.xxx /
hes true
Replied by anonymous / 108.162.238.xxx /
how?eddy Muslam so mussamize ,hope he is not true

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