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5 Types Of Women You Must Never Let Go Of
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5 Types Of Women You Must Never Let Go Of

2018-12-13 / 1544692244

There are a host of other factors that should be considered, and not every woman possesses them.

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Like men, women come in different shapes and sizes, depending on who you have around you; they can make or mar you. A lot of guys are swayed by looks and beauty, but these are only minor things to be considered in choosing someone to date. There are a host of other factors that should be considered, and not every woman possesses them.

So what type of women should you cling to as a guy?


One of the types of women you should never let go are the sincere ones. Those that don’t play games with you.

In fact, there are no shady conversations with an ex; no male friends too close for comfort. She makes it clear she’s with you, and you alone,

A woman like this is your soul mate, don’t lose her.


Once you can confide in a woman, she is definitely the right person for you. A good lady should listen to you and allow you say your mind without judging or ridiculing you.

Also, if you trust her so much and she has never betrayed your trust, go for her.


Unconditional love is as rare as diamond these days. Therefore, whenever a lady shows you such love, don’t take it for granted.

Any woman that loves you unconditionally deserves nothing but your loyalty and good treatment.


One of the types of women you should never let go is the soft hearted and kind woman – or to put it differently, women that have a conscience. There are several ladies out there who have none.

When it comes to making the decision on whom to spend the rest of your life with, you must be very rational. As a matter of fact, your feelings for her should be the last thing you consider. Forever is too long to spend with a lady who is not kind hearted.


Is your girlfriend hardworking and humble? Does she have an entrepreneurship spirit or is she just another woman looking for a sponsor?

Once you are certain that she is hardworking and respectful, never let her go. There are countless women out there looking for the next man to devour financially.

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Posted by mycah kingsley / 173.245.54.xxx /
yea u ryt
Posted by Frank / 162.158.42.xxx /
So if you love someone she doesn't show any sign of caring you,but if you called her and telling that you want leave her alone because of her silence and behavior. She told you that she loves you and she ready to change but then she continued to do the same things,tell me what is this ?,is true she loves me or playing with my feelings
Posted by gilbert / 172.68.65.xxx /
I am married but my wife misses one of those characters however much she is brilliant i am dating someone else who has all those characters and above all she even loves my parents and my family unlike the one I have. the side dish is now asking for marriage, what should I do?. won't nalongo change to the worst?,thanks
Replied by mycah K.Sley / 162.158.78.xxx /
man i myt b dat ur mife loves u mob bt d way of xpressg it n moer so d family background matters so love her just d way she is ohh
Replied by Bheki / 172.69.55.xxx /
Gilbert's the only one reason that can me divorce my wife is when after i discover that she slept with another man, there's no excuse on that with the other issues I understand we are not coming from the same homestead's&family background's.
Posted by Feddy / 197.234.242.xxx /
Posted by Rhona / 172.68.65.xxx /
Posted by Abaho naboth(kats ab,z nab,z) / 172.68.65.xxx /
Wow , i like dat
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.78.xxx /
its the truth!
Posted by Bruno ros / 173.245.54.xxx /

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