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Don't compare me to Mowzey Radio - A Pass
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Don't compare me to Mowzey Radio - A Pass

2019-02-20 / 1550648903

A Pass appreciated  but went on to quash the comparison between the two.

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A fan on Twitter praised A Pass's musical prowess, writing that he was like late Mowzey Radio.

A Pass appreciated  but went on to quash the comparison between the two.

He asked his fan never to compare him to Radio because they are different. 
He tweeted,"We are not the same. I am me. And Radio was Radio."

A Pass says Radio was extremely talented, but he is better than him when it comes to English songs. Radio was good with Luganda.

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Posted by bateze shabani / 162.158.78.xxx /
iwant new music
Posted by sam / 162.158.79.xxx /
radio wos lengend
Posted by paswad / 173.245.54.xxx /
even this small boy cald fic fameica is better than apass ....radio is a giant bruh
Replied by Ssenkubuge jona / 172.69.62.xxx /
Big NO en it will never happen on my side.
Posted by Anonymous / 172.69.62.xxx /
a pass is a fool
Replied by Proof / 172.69.62.xxx /
Wesulise gwe !*( i )
Posted by Ambrose / 162.158.78.xxx /
A pass ya singa
Replied by KIYAMDA / 162.158.79.xxx /
Replied by Proof / 172.69.62.xxx /
Oli watufu
Replied by Proof / 162.158.78.xxx /
Posted by soosi / 162.158.78.xxx /
oyogera biki
Posted by soosi / 172.68.65.xxx /
oyogera biki
Posted by Holy Blastar / 172.68.65.xxx /
A pass..A pass amalala gegalukusa..... oweza bigambo naye waka wooo blad musiwufu.... Radio was known from village A-Z, border to border... akanakano!!!!
Posted by Ikon De Romantic Dwoy / 172.68.65.xxx /
A Pass Is Ug Star Like Radio.I Think His Conclution Is Right.If U Dont Comprehend His Statement,read It Again
Posted by Omukiga Prosper King Rash 2019 / 172.68.65.xxx /
A Pass Very Weak,infact You Are Lyk Helium(u A Inert)
Replied by Khariff / 162.158.78.xxx /
Know Wat To Say,why dont u appreciate one's dids
Posted by mez / 173.245.54.xxx /
may be his statement is right
Posted by isabiryerhymon / 162.158.78.xxx /
Posted by Ivan muwesi / 172.68.65.xxx /
De guy z right apass is more in english dan radio hweva mozey was talented.we hav few english writers so apass is a star in hs way.Dont jst coment, not evry one is interested in lugada.
Replied by Proof / 162.158.79.xxx /
Yes obasinga gwe fun .
Replied by Proof / 162.158.78.xxx /
Yes nawe obasinga gwe fun
Posted by Rihn Rodgers / 172.68.65.xxx /
Guyz ever u know A Pass lyks bragging around that he know English more than any other person
Posted by Anonymous / 172.68.65.xxx /
There no way a narmal person can compare radio to a pass. Radio is very very very far where Apass cannot view wiz hiz 2eyes or even wiz machines in terms ov music.
Posted by Anonymous / 162.158.78.xxx /
I think people can not be the same they are different because of their personalities which makes them behave differently so pass can not be the same with Radio
Posted by vanhillex / 162.158.78.xxx /
a pass is crazy
Posted by Orsha / 172.68.65.xxx /
Arrogant Apass!
Posted by Patriotic / 162.158.98.xxx /
Radio was and still is the best among your era Apass.... Let that stick in yo mind though you hate to learn the dear truth!
He's a legend.... You never will come even close!
Posted by Dmx / 162.158.78.xxx /
MOZEY, yali yakolamu nga yaliwanika ebbango
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