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Lydia Jazmine explains Her Relationship with Eddy Kenzo
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Lydia Jazmine explains Her Relationship with Eddy Kenzo

2019-02-22 / 1550819593

Jazmine has however dismissed the rumour, describing Kenzo as a friend.

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Singer Lydia Jazmine has  been linked romantically to local musician, Eddy Kenzo.

It is reported that Kenzo  spends most of his time  at Lydia Jazmine's rented  house in Makindye.

Jazmine has however dismissed the rumour, describing Kenzo as a friend.

She says she is not signed to Big Talent crew.

"When I was in TNS, I met members of Big Talent who became close to me. I particularly became tight with Dennis Muganzi, who was Kenzo's driver," she explained.

It is through Muganzi and other friends in Big Talent that she became friends with the boss.

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Posted by #-nest / 162.158.98.xxx /
But I really don't know what men want. How can you cheat on rema really kenzo we expected a lot from you.
Posted by bridget lee / 172.68.65.xxx /
just know dat kenzo and rema were meant to be
Posted by Cathy Bronze / 162.158.78.xxx /
jaz wama supply wat yo mama gave u(pussy)
Replied by #-nest / 162.158.98.xxx /
Some people need to mature up, some words shouldn't be said # maturity is needed
Posted by Kyazze Kassim / 172.69.62.xxx /
Jaz no one iz sapozid 2 blem u
Posted by Eduardo / 172.69.62.xxx /
jaz tel da truth,bcoz we c
Posted by Loverboi salim / 162.158.78.xxx /
Nice n betta to be
Posted by milty jarh / 172.69.62.xxx /
dy a in rilationship to be open.
Posted by xander zam / 172.68.65.xxx /
demapussy ask da bitches what dy want 4r da niggers
Posted by medsonz / 172.68.65.xxx /
u can be a friend to him coz you are a singer and even kenzo
Posted by Melw / 162.158.78.xxx /
One cant force a relationship so let kenzo decide on his own, i dont think he's stupid!
Posted by Anonymous / 172.69.62.xxx /
One cant force a relationship so let kenzo decide on his own, i dont think he's stupid!
Posted by Wynnie / 197.234.242.xxx /
But rema still gets her share Kasita. Even us who are not celebrities have men hoping like chickens.
This is not news, belye bwanagwamu supu anafuna omulala. But jasmine webereremu atleast hook up with someone bera
Replied by Aloysious kyeyune s / 162.158.79.xxx /
:D :D :D
Posted by Marco GibbsDPH / 172.69.62.xxx /
let her supply her pussy bt any way dat'c stupidity
Posted by Golden hasla / 141.101.77.xxx /
Please dont make easy conclusions
Posted by Anonymous / 172.68.62.xxx /
I think,3_4years now bloggers, some madia personality you have tried to break Eddy kenzo's relationship with Rema by leaking him from different types of women with no evidence but rather than creating false story on him maybe because he decided to get away his personal life on social media 😂😡😡😡 but you bloggers failed to accept the true.You did yr part but GOD still in control, wait until the day they will come out say that they are done with each other then you will start your celebration but as per Rema and Kenzo break-up, kenzo is with this & that its doesn't make NEWS any more be creative,there story that needs to be told & finally stop showing as that blogs/ stories they only depend on Eddy kenzo.He bulit his name from scratch but you sent sleeplees nights to destroy it but don't forget one thing what meet to it will always be just deal with it period.
Replied by Anonymous / 197.234.242.xxx /
Kenzo is the biggest womanizer in the industry. We who are close to him know that.He actually has a house in bunga just for sex.At Big talent office in makindye, he has a self contained bedroom just for sex.So shurrup!
Posted by Mirrors / 173.245.54.xxx /
Every celebrity is 'Promiscuious' so we just give it up.
Their lifestyle give them what to sing.
Replied by melw / 162.158.78.xxx /
On the other hand i salute u!
Posted by Anonymous / 172.69.55.xxx /
ni kali
Posted by lemzo nhatz / 162.158.79.xxx /
toka! she thinks she can fool us..
Posted by Sem Bcode / 162.158.98.xxx /
Believe it or live it ..friends are friends... Nothing El's.. Don't judge you Judge your self ..these poor thinking people..
Posted by Buulxlogy / 172.69.62.xxx /
I want to see my sign language music
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