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Lex Told is a Christian hip-hop recording artist, music producer and songwriter with a number of successful songs. His music is primarily inspirational, as he maintains the goal of wanting his listeners to be motivated through music while he shares life lessons and reminds them that God can do the impossible. His performances are energetic, playful, positive, and informative. He uses his stage presence to ensure unity at every venue, because he wants to see that everyone focuses on glorying God and be intimate with Him. 
Lex Told, born Alex Mwesiga Luwagga, was raised in Kampala, Uganda by his parents along with his six siblings. Aspiring to become a recording artist, he was introduced to music in church at a young age. He would play instruments like the drums and keyboard. While in primary school, Lex and his friends were introduced to hip-hop music and dance. “I fell in love with hip-hop, Lex remarks.

As a Christian rapper, Lex’s goal is to record and perform music that is positive, encouraging, and introduces people to both Jesus and the good news about salvation. In the last few years, multiple singles and collaborations have been released under the Lex Told name. He simultaneously created working relationships with various companies, organizations, and institutions both locally and internationally to contribute towards community growth using both music and dance elements. These include: 

 Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU), Irene Gleeson Foundation, Rock of Faith, Jesus Worship Centre, Batalo East, Mission House, Reach A Hand Uganda, Bayimba Cultural Foundation, Talanta Uganda, Nurture Africa, In Movement Art for Social Change, Break Fast Jam, Uganda National Cultural Center, Smiling Child Ministries, Dance Week Uganda, Oxfam, Kampilingisa Health Centre 3, Sports Outreach Ministry, Yole Africa, Make A Difference Ministries {M.A.D HOUSE}, and I Care Ministry Fund {I.C.M.F}.

In 2008, after finding himself through salvation and small charity works, Lex co-founded Kyuka Youth Outreach, a non-profit organization that focuses on youth empowerment, and positive transformation through creative arts. Kyuka has held several outreaches throughout communities in Uganda; travelling to high schools and universities to share the good news about the gospel, while also running projects about health, and giving creative workshops in skill development. 

In late 2014, Lex founded Tycoon Entertainment Business (aka T.E.B. Studios), to focus on equipping young people with the skills needed in music and video production. Lex dedicates some of the proceeds of his music sales to support children and young adults in their pursuit of education. This started after meeting and working with countless vulnerable and underprivileged people in different communities who desperately needed educational support. He developed a project behind his music called the I Care Ministry Fund, or I.C.M.F. for short, in an effort to further support those in need.

He has taken messages of positive social change and spread the gospel across nations like Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, the U.S.A, the United Kingdom, Denmark, DR Congo, Burundi, and the Netherlands. He has given workshops in prisons, slums, ghettos, schools and orphanages. He also regularly speaks and performs at organizations, churches, and festivals such as, Brave Kids (Poland), Breaking Convention (United Kingdom), Gam3 (Denmark), Bayimba International Festival (Uganda), and Skiff (DRC). 

Currently, Lex continues his relentless efforts in expanding the Christian hip-hop industry in Uganda. His first full-length album will be released in March 2017. He prays for the opportunity to use his gifts for more service around the worl

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